Sunday, March 6, 2016

Filled Easter eggs make everything so much easier!

Sample provided for honest review. 

Every year my sister and I put on an Easter egg hunt for our kids and our nieces and nephews.  I have four kids and she has four kids.  Add in my brothers' kids, and well, that's a lot of kids and a lot of Easter eggs!  Usually this means me sitting in front of the tv for hours.  I match up eggs and fill them with candy and toys.  This year I decided to try something different.  I received these eggs at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion.  Everything in this blog is my honest opinion and reflects my experience. 

I received candy eggs which can be found here at Amazon:

I also received mini figure eggs which can be found here on Amazon:

The candy eggs contain a wide variety of candies, including: sour candy, chewies, gum, hard candy, bunny candy, and taffy.  The candies are all individually wrapped, which is so important for keeping the candy clean.  This is also helpful in the event of an exploding egg, which happens when we throw the eggs out just a little too fast.

These eggs are bright and colorful. We received green, blue, pink, orange and yellow. This is great for having a variety of eggs. It is also great if you "color code" your eggs during the Easter egg hunt. We have color coded our Easter egg hunt in the past, so that the big kids don't take all the eggs. You can also use pink eggs for the girl toys. Or you can use one color just for the eggs for the little ones, since they have a hard time keeping up with the big kids.

Candy Eggs with a fun variety of candies.

There is an army dude, Santa and the guy pictured below.

I love this guy!  He will be a great addition to my kid's building block collection.

I also received mini figure eggs which my boys will just love! It can be hard to find toys and gifts for older kids.  Once you are almost 8 and 9 a stuffed bunny just doesn't cut it anymore.  But finding gifts that your child loves can sometimes really break the bank.  These mini figure eggs are fun for kids of all ages and also very affordable.  My kids love to watch "blind bag" videos, and now they can have their own "blind eggs."  Kids will love the surprise of wondering which figure they got. These toys are "some assembly required" which is great, because it gives the kids something to do after the Easter Egg hunt is over.

You get a fun variety of figures. I found a Santa, a criminal, a police officer and much more. Kids can trade them with their friends or set them up with their other toys. The assembly does require some hand strength, and I did push them against a solid surface a couple of times to get them to "snap" together. Otherwise they went together easily enough, and I did not need directions to assemble them.

These eggs have the lids attached to them by a thin piece of plastic. Since we reuse our eggs every year, this is a great bonus. This means that we can actually find the match next year! I can't tell you how long we have spent matching up eggs.