Monday, September 14, 2015

Fun ambulance for the little truck lover in your life.

This Best Choice All Around Ambulance is a fun toy for the truck lover in your life.  It includes a driver, patient, and four medical tools.  It has bump and go action, that is really fun to chase around.  It also has lights and sounds.  There are three buttons to push for fun sound effects (such as coughing).  All four tools return to their place, making clean up a snap. 

This toy takes 3 double A batteries.  You will also need a phillip's head screwdriver to get it open, so be sure to have these things on hand!  This toy is very engaging for kids, with its lights, sound and buttons to push.  Its bump and go action is a blast.  This toy is great for sparking kids imaginations.

My two year old loves trucks and sirens, so I am sure that this will be a hit with him.  My oldest was obsessed with Doctors at that age.  This toy is perfect for kids who love ambulances, trucks, doctors, or imaginative play. 

This toy was provided free for my review.  Although I received a discount, this is my honest opinion. 

Half out of the packaging.

View from the top.  You can see the patient, buttons and tools here.

All closed up.