Saturday, August 29, 2015

Adorable doll furniture set with desk and bed.

Cute little desk fits under the closet part.
This Olivia's Little World Doll Furniture is a wonderful toy for the little doll lover in your life. It is very nicely detailed and has tons of moving parts. It is best for kids over 3 (my two year old tried stepping on it). It has tons of ways to engage in imaginative play.

This doll bed includes a desk and chair that slide under the hanger section. Or you can play with them separately. The desk and chair are not connected so you can use them with or without the doll bed. The desk has a little working cabinet and drawer. Also separate is the ladder, for the dolls to climb into the bunk bed. The opposite end of the bunk bed from the desk and hangers are two shelves and a cabinet section. Those of you who have doll lovers know how much "stuff" your little dolls can collect. The row of "drawers" up the side of the bed is just decorative. There is still plenty of room for all of your doll accessories.
Some assembly required.
This set is assembly required. It took me an hour and half and a screwdriver to put it together. My daughter (almost 5 years old) helped me put it together. The directions are all one separate pieces of paper, so there were times that some pages got out of order. The instructions were easy enough to put together. If you have put shelves together before, you should be able to handle this project.

This doll bed furniture set makes an excellent gift. It is wonderful for Christmas, birthdays or any special occasion. I was going to give this to my daughter for her birthday, but once she saw it, she would not give it back! She and her little brother (aged 2) had a great time helping me put it together. They use this set to put the babies to bed, and to sit at the desk. She will have hours of fun playing with this doll furniture. And unlike other sets, it does not take up tons of room or break the bank.

This Olivia's Little World Doll Furniture set is perfect for the doll lover in your life. It does not take up tons of space while having everything you need for your dolls. Although I received a discount, this is my honest opinion.
Bunk bed with ladder.

Hanging space, where desk fits.

Desk can be played with separately and has a working cabinet and drawer.

These drawers are just for looks.

You can add plenty of babies.  Dolls picked by my daughter.