Monday, August 24, 2015

Techege Magic Water Drawing Book

Magic Water Drawing Book is fun for readers and non-readers alike

This Techage Water Color book is fun for readers and non-readers. Readers can read the instructions and then follow them. Non-readers will have fun coloring the pages and finding the hidden pictures.

This toy has no mess, is non toxic and safe. It uses simply water to make fun colors and shapes appear. The colors do not take too long to appear, causing kids to get bored or frustrated, like other coloring sets can. My youngest loves cars, trucks and construction so this is perfect for him. It is for ages two and up. It also makes a great gift. There is nothing worse than giving a gift and finding out later that it stained a friend's home. This toy will never leave stains behind.

The drawback to this set is the water pen. There is no where to attach it to the book, so you have to keep track of it. It will also spill water if left on its side for too long. Those two things are very easy to fix though.

This Magic Water Drawing Book is fun for kids without making a mess.  It is non-toxic, non-staining and reusable.  Although I received a discount, this is my honest opinion.